TNA iMPACT TV Results (8/20) Matt Morgan Wants Revenge/A.J. Tries To Quit

TNA iMPACT TV Results (8/20)  Matt Morgan Wants Revenge/A.J. Tries To Quit
Welcome back to your weekly TNA iMPACT TV Results. This week's episode is entitled

"Blueprint for Disaster"

Tenay starts the show by saying that Don West has moved on to take a job in the merchandising department. His replacement? Taz.

No farewell speech? No big sendoff? It's probably better that way because West would have made it awkward with some of his comments I'm sure.

Tenay is excited to hear what Taz thinks about all the TNA talent and Taz sounds like he's ready to break it down.

The Main Event Mafia's music hits and they all make their way down to the ring.

Surprise! Angle has a mic. But before he can finish a sentence, Matt Morgan's music hits and he's headed down the ramp with what appears to be an axe handle.

Morgan starts by telling Kurt to shut up and threatens to hit Booker T with the axe handle. The crowd sounds like they're behind Morgan. The Blueprint wants to know why Angle screwed him and double crossed him when Morgan was just about to have Sting pinned for the three count.

Angle says he pulled the ref out because he thought Sting was about to get the win. Angle goes on to say that Morgan made a rookie mistake and that when Kurt tried to hit Sting with the chair, Matt got in the way and Kurt just pinned the fallen opponent. To make it up to the Blueprint, Angle says the two of them are going to have a tables match with Team 3D tonight. Morgan agrees to the match, but I have to think he's setting Kurt up.

Backstage Lauren is running after A.J. Styles who supposedly has a big announcement to make tonight. He says nothing as we head to commercial.

We're back and the British Invasion is already in the ring for a match with Beer Money Inc.

Match 1 The British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc.

The Invasion is looking up the ramp for Beer Money and don't see them coming through the crowd. Brutus Magnus has a trash can smashed onto his head and then he gets hit with the kendo stick. Roode heads out of the ring to beat up on Magnus as Storm takes care of Doug Williams in the ring. Roode and Storm are choking Magnus and Williams with belts. Beer Money outside the ring with a double suplex on Magnus.

Williams comes out to save Magnus and sends Storm into the ring post twice. Storm then gets tied up to the ring post on the outside. No DQ in this match. Did I mention that?

The Invasion then double teams Roode in the ring. Trashcan and lid to the face of Roode. Magnus then grabs a plastic bag, but before he can wrap it around Roode's head, Storm makes his way in and hits Williams with a board. Storm continues to clean house as Roode gets it back together. Storm hits Williams with a beer bottle and knocks him out as Beer Money hits the DWI on Magnus on top of a trashcan for the three count.

Winners: Beer Money Inc.

Lauren is backstage with the Beautiful People. Angelina says that she didn't lose the Knockouts Title. It was Madison Rayne who lost it and tonight, they are going to get back at her.

When we come back from commercial, J.B. is talking backstage with Foley when ODB and Cody Deaner show up arguing about the Knockouts Title. Cody says he got the pin, so the belt should be his. ODB says she should be the champ. Foley says he will make a decision later about the situation.

Abyss then shows up and Mick has something for him since Abyss helped Foley in his match with Kevin Nash. It's a blue flannel shirt and Abyss seems happy as a clam about it.

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