TNA iMPACT TV Results (8/20) Matt Morgan Wants Revenge/A.J. Tries To Quit

Winner: D'Angelo Dinero

After the match, Suicide's music hits and he runs down to the ring. Before he can get some good shots on the Pope, Dinero rolls out of the ring and takes off up the ramp. As we head to commercial, we see A.J. in the back making his way to the ring to make his big announcement.

When we come back, Lauren is backstage with Matt Morgan who says that he can trust Kurt Angle. Of course, he slips up and says that Angle will get Morgan's boot. The Blueprint is totally going to try and get back at Angle, but I can't see this working out well for Matt.

Styles is in the ring and the crowd is chanting for him not to quit. He says he's proud of the man he's become. He's not proud of losing the Legend's Title, losing his match with Matt Morgan or losing his friends Eric Young and Samoa Joe. He thinks it's time for him to walk away from professional wrestling.

Sting makes his way to the ring and says that this isn't the way he should leave, that he's a loser because he's quitting. Sting's had to deal with setbacks, but he never walked away. He wants to pass the torch to someone and it was supposed to be A.J., but since he's leaving, Styles won't be the guy. Sting says either A.J. admits he's a loser and quitter or he goes back into the locker room and gets his boots on. Styles hugs Sting and the two walk out of the ring.

As we head to the break, we see Bobby Lashley in the back making his way out.

We come back and Hernandez is backstage with Lauren. He says that when he wins the case, he will be the Heavyweight champ. Eric Young shows up and says that he thinks Hernandez wants to join World Elite. When Hernandez is ready, E.Y. will be there to talk.

Bobby Lashley is making his way to the announce table. Lashley says that next week TNA President Dixie Carter will be on iMPACT to discuss the future of Bobby Lashley.

Match 6 Team 3D vs. Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan

Before Angle gets to the ring, Kurt makes his way to the announce table and hits Lashley in the face.

Match starts and Angle is in the ring with Brother Ray. Collar and elbow to start. Side headlock by Ray and Angle send him into the ropes. Ray with a shoulder block. Ray has the upper hand and heads out of the ring to get a table. Morgan stops him. Ray with a tag in the ring and 3D with a double team on Angle. Kurt makes the tag and Morgan comes in. Plenty of back and forth as Morgan heads outside the ring to grab a table. Ray stops him out there. Morgan with the upperhand as we head to our final commercial.

We're back and 3D hit the Wassup. The crowd wants the tables. As they set them up in the ring, 3D doesn't see Morgan behind them. Morgan knocks them both down and goes for a chokeslam on Devon through the table. Ray pulls the table away and Morgan tags in Angle. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but misses and Devon reverses. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint and misses. Near fall after near fall with a missed Angle Slam and a double suplex by 3D. Finally, Angle sets Devon up on the table and tells Morgan to go to the top rope. But Devon gets up and 3D puts Morgan through the table for the win.

Winners: Team 3D

As we fade, Angle is headed up the ramp and the Blueprint says Angle is finished.

Not a bad show tonight. Not sure where some of the storylines are headed, but I am looking forward to seeing Matt Morgan get his hands on Angle. Until next week!

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