At FYE stores, they have a special if you buy the Allied Powers: The World's Greatest Tag Teams DVD, you will get a free DX poster. If you buy The Rise And Fall Of WCW at Best Buy stores you will receive The Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD for free.

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro's recent medical issues with her leg are due to an infection that got into the bone, which needed to be shaved.

After the New York Post article, where they discussed the softer side of the WWE, the company has released a new DX shirt. The shirt is a DX Army kid's shirt, with HHH and HBK on a tank, and the back says, "World's Biggest Member".

Thomas Rivera's Wrestling Reunion returns on December 6th in Carteret, NJ, and will have Paul Orndorff, Chief Jay Strongbow, Angelo Mosca, David Sammartino and Baron Von Raschke appearing. You can find more information at

Jerry Lawler's mayoral campaign is now accepting donations. If you donate $100 to the campaign, you will get a "Jerry Lawler For Mayor" t-shirt, n autographed photo, and a phone call from Lawler. You can donate at

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