Tickets went on sale last week for TNA's Bound For Glory PPV on October 18 in Los Angeles. As reported on earlier, local advertising for the event is teasing the idea that this could be Sting's farewell show with the company. We can now confirm that Sting has not signed a new deal with TNA for 2010, although TNA has interest in keeping him on the roster. While Sting has said every year that he is done, he eventually gives in to the new offer from TNA and stays. However, now that Sting is 50 there are some who believe he actually could be finishing up this year. He is one of the few in wrestling who have made enough and invested it well in real estate (his nickname is "Real Estate Steve") that he doesn't need to really continue a career in wrestling.

In regards to New Japan Pro Wrestling first issuing a press releasing saying they wouldn't acknowledge TNA's British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) as IWGP Tag Team Champions and later retracting the statement this week was something of major confusion. TNA sent out a release of its own (which, to our knowledge, was not made public) saying that reports out of New Japan not recognizing the title change were not accurate. TNA claims they spoke with New Japan both before and after the match was taped on July 21, stated the titles would be on the line and New Japan agreed. Why they would release a statement saying they wouldn't acknowledge the title change and then issue a new one that they would now is anyone's guess. Either way, things seem to be fine now.

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