The Daytona Beach-Journal spoke with Dixie Carter about the new deal with Spike TV. Discussion of Jeff Jarrett came up, and Carter started that he would be back sooner rather than later. Jarrett is working on TNA projects from home.

The Baltimore Sun also spoke with Carter. Here are some highlights:

On Kurt Angle: "I can talk about it to some degree because it's an ongoing legal case. I was briefed on the details of what happened, and I also know that people are innocent until proven guilty. And I think just like most sports franchises these days, they let the legal system do what they do best and you await the outcome. And that's what we did."

On Her Creative Control: "I've had more and more input as of late, but I'm also the type of person who puts people in place, and as long as structure is being followed and we're seeing positive results, I like to let people try to do what they do best. I don't pretend to be a wrestling booker, but I do know when we're having success, because a lot of other parts of the business are impacted by that, as well as our relationship with the network. We've made a lot of changes this year over the last six or seven months and we're starting to really see positive changes in ratings, and we're just ready for those to continue to grow."

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