Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Whether or not it was technically accurate, Maria's interview comment that some female WWE performers have been "reprimanded" for showing too much cleavage has been a talking point in wrestling circles. Having recently promoted very revealing Diva attire on RAW--in addition to featuring the women in "boxing" outfits Monday night that hardly hid their figures, WWE also booked a bikini match on television a few weeks ago--WWE is not exactly keeping female skin off its television shows.

In what could become a major issue, MyNetworkTV has only inked deals with 140 stations for the new fall season with the changing of contracts. This would be down from 175 stations or a drop from 111 million homes to 98 million. This will lead to an immediate 11% drop in ratings. MyNetworkTV Executive Vice President Paul Franklin did tell Media Post that he is expecting to sign contracts before the fall to bring the number back to the previous one or at least close to it.

Set to release on December 29, Ted DiBiase is the star of WWE's "The Marine 2" project. The plan, come late November, is for Ted DiBiase to turn babyface (against the other Legacy members) in conjunction with the hard sell for the DVD release, although WWE would presumably hold off on the turn if the Legacy contingent stays hot on RAW.

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