WWE.com has posted a look at the career of Jeff Hardy.

WWE.com also has an article up with various superstars and divas, discussing the NFL season.

The Miami Herald looks at the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD at miamiherald.com

The Huffington Post recently interviewed MVP, discussing wrestling Ric Flair, and wrestling getting a bad reputation due to people dying young. Here are some highlights…"There has to be a line drawn between the old guard and the new guard. A lot of guys dying young came from our profession in a different era. They came up in a time where contract were structured very differently. If you didn't work, you didn't get paid. If you didn't get paid, you couldn't feed your family. Guys worked through injuries taking pain medication and whatever other drugs so they could get through the schedule. It's different now. If we were injured, our medical is taken care of. We're still paid. Once upon a time you'd go into locker rooms, and you'd see guys drinking beer or getting high. Nowadays, you'd see guys drinking energy drinks or protein shakes. It's changed a lot. I think WWE and the McMahon family have made huge strides in making wrestling a more palatable product. I challenge you to find an 8-year-old kid who doesn't know who John Cena is or doesn't have action figures in their toy box. We've become so much more."

Matt Hardy has a new blog up on Jeff leaving WWE. In the blog, he discusses Jeff's injuries, and also says that the "IWC" should respect Jeff for making CM Punk a main eventer. Here are some highlights…I wanna thank Jeff for literally breaking his back for the sake of our business day in and day out. The fans should think him for all of the unselfish entertainment he has provided them in the past. Jeff would be the first person to admit he's not perfect-but his love to make children happy, and to make adults "OHH" and "AHH" as he performs for them is second to none. And I mean NONE! Jeff has always been respectful towards his fans, and the majority of fans have respect for him. For any of those "know it all guys" of the IWC that don't respect Jeff Hardy-you're all hypocritical ****es. Period. Jeff made one of your favorites, CM Punk, a legitimate main-eventer on Jeff's way out the door. So maybe you can at least find respect in that fact.

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