Exclusive: Mysterio's Entire Controversial Interview On His Suspension

Exclusive: Mysterio's Entire Controversial Interview On His Suspension Full transcribed interview with Mysterio

You come to Mexico to the tour in October?

“Yes, I am programmed for October, do not have problem, am put for those dates”.

-You will have pay enjoyment?

“As this is new for my, I do not know what is happening nor what will happen, I until Tuesday does not arrive at television will know how she is that east system works. Of 15 antidoping that has done me year in the last, had passed all except this one. Perhaps if it had reprobated four followed he would be understandable did that me to a side or they exposed to me of this form, (…) and I believe that I do not deserve east type of treatment”.

-You feel it like a low blow?

“I do not know. What I am going to do is that when my doctor has clarified everything, if he is not that it did already it, that I had a medical prescription, I am going to cause that the company puts there that although they suspended to me because the doctors of the company did not want to wait for the call of my doctor, at the end of accounts my doctor spoke and clarified that it had the medical prescription. And that in spite of all that, the suspension is indeed. Also I will speak in my page Web”.

- At last, it is not the first time binds that you to the use of prohibited substances, you feel in the sight?

“In the past they said that King Mysterio used anabólicos to grow his body, but everything has been only speculations, nothing verified, and this is something that affects to me, mainly mentally, because it concerns much my public to me and I do not know how they are going to react”.

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