Jim Ross has a new blog up, here are the highlights…

On Bryan Danielson: Speaking of Dragon Gate, Bryan Danielson will also be signing at that event and wrestling. Bryan, trained by HBK, has apparently agreed to a deal with WWE which is a smart move on the WWE's part. I think Danielson should have been signed long ago but that's just one man's opinion. Danielson's skill level is superb even though he isn't the biggest dog in the hunt which, thankfully, seems to be meaning less and less these days. Talent comes in all sizes and shapes and having a roster full of look alikes helps no one. The wrestling business has always been built on individuality and uniqueness. I am a firm believer that every prospect doesn't have to be 6'2" and weigh no less than 240 pounds and look pretty in an 8X10. It's hard to measure a man or a woman's passion by how they look in a still photo.

On Smackdown: Smackdown rocks this week without question and is arguably the best WWE TV broadcast of the week largely thanks to a three segment IC Title Bout between Rey Mysterio and John Morrison. This one is "restaurant quality." I remember years and years ago, wrestling announcers used to hype TV bouts as being good enough to be "a main event any where in the country." Yes, hyperbole has been around since the inception of TV but I will promise you that Mysterio and Morrison turn it on Friday night in one helluva wrestling match on MyNetworkTV. SD has been fortunate to have featured some outstanding wrestling the past several months, particularly in the last few weeks, but this contest will standout in most, objective fans eyes. Try to put the IC Title controversy and all the "dirt" and other speculative BS aside and sit back and enjoy this match for the story that's told bell to bell.

On Young Talent Learning The Business: From my perspective, it seems as if several, young talents are beginning to start to understand what it takes to be a star in the wrestling business. It is not an overnight process and it isn't about who simply "gets the push." Several things have to come together but consistent, hard work and a little luck are both necessary to make it. I like to refrain from overselling any young talents because I feel some of them might become less hungry plus if someone deserving is inadvertently omitted it does them no favors. Long story short, based on what I have personally been observing, several young wrestlers seem to be taking positive steps with their careers. These folks just need "game time" and to get their hands on the ball in order to see if they can actually "make some plays." Yeah, football metaphors all but it's that time of the year.

On Breaking Point Ticket Sales: About 9,000 tickets for "Breaking Point" in Montreal have been sold with about 10 days to go. It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd gathers as the trend these days, with the economy as it is, is for the week "of business" becoming more significant. When I first started in the wrestling biz, "the walk up the day of the event" was the key to success. This trend has changed over the years whereby the first day of ticket sales has become much more significant. Fans with less disposable income due to the economy, etc will be making ticket purchases later in the process while the economy struggles for all of us. I do think Montreal will sell out "Breaking Point" at the end of the day.

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