When ROH moved their TV to Monday nights, they got the attention of WWE. Bryan Danielson had been on the radar for some time, going back to a dark match he worked for WWE. Several months back, WWE was looking to bring him in as Brian Kendrick's tag team partner, but due to Kendrick being released, that didn't happen. ROH knew that Danielson may be leaving, due to not signing a new contract with the company. He has been de-emphasized in ROH angles, and used to groom and put over Tyler Black.

As far as Nigel McGuinness goes, WWE has been aware of him. He was in Ohio Valley Wrestling for a while, but not under a WWE developmental deal. TNA was very interested in McGuinness, but at the time he was not available due to his contract, so TNA signed up Doug Williams. TNA was considering McGuinness lately for another role, but WWE beat them to the punch.

WWE creative members have been instructed to watch the ROH on HDNet program and come up with ideas for the people that they feel are "WWE Worthy". Some ROH talents are under contract, but there are some that have deals that will allow them to give 30-days notice if they are offered a deal.

With Danielson and McGuinness leaving, ROH finds themselves in a position similar to old ECW. September 25th in New York will be a new chapter for the company as they look to move on without two of their biggest stars.

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