Former WWE Star 'Lita' Dating CM Punk In Real-Life

Former WWE Star 'Lita' Dating CM Punk In Real-Life Punk dating Hardy's ex-girlfriend

Former WWE Star 'Lita' Dating CM Punk In Real-Life
Despite proclaiming in a number of interviews that she wants nothing to do with World Wrestling Entertainment, Amy "Lita" Dumas has been peculiarly backstage at a few shows in recent months. The reason for this is because the former WWE Women's Champion is involved in a romantic relationship with CM Punk.

The following e-mail was sent to by a current WWE wrestler who for obvious reasons, wishes to stay anonymous:

"Hey Mic, just wanted to let you know that CM Punk & Lita are currently dating which is why Lita has been backstage at many WWE shows as of late. I don't know how they met or connected, but they are dating and you can confirm it with anyone you want."

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