Jim Ross has a new blog up, here are the highlights:

On Dragon Gate USA: Loved the Dragon Gate show. The fans in attendance were awesome. Their passion was infectious. Bravo to them. The talents worked so hard in the ring. Their style is uniquely fast and athletic. Lots of the great Ultimo Dragon stylings which was expected and exciting. Had a chance to visit w/ Brian Kendrick and he seemed happy which was good. Brian's basing out of LA these days and says he has plenty of work lined up.

On Bob Barker: Bob Barker is staying at the same hotel I'm in here in Chicago. Who will get "Happy Gilmored" Monday night? Someone's got to, right? Who's gonna get the Rod Roddy announcer gig Monday night? Won't be this Okie as I don't look good in a sequin jacket. That look doesn't work w/ a black hat.

On The New Dallas Stadium: BTW the new Cowboys Stadium HAS to be a future Wrestlemania site. That might be a few years away but Jerry Jones creation would hold 100,000 fans which would be a headline grabber not to mention big bucks for WWE. If you ever have a chance to visit this stadium, go for it. It's the most amazing facility I've personally ever seen.

You can read the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com.

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