-- Sean Haire, AKA "Sean O'Haire" was arrested in Savannah, GA for two misdemeanors of Battery and Criminal Trespass on Sept. 6, 2009. He was released on $4,600 bail. (Thanks to site reader "I_Died_Once")

-- There was a rather strange side effect of Bob Barker hosting RAW, due to Twitter. The amount of mentions of Barker hosting RAW put him in the top trending topics on Twitter.com, which apparently made a large amount of people concerned that it meant he had passed away this afternoon.

-- North East Wrestling is hosting a big event on November 13th in Waterbury, CT at Crosby Hills School. Advertised is the reunion of Bret Hart & Jim Neidhard, both signing autographs. Paul London is booked for the main event and Ken Anderson, formerly known as Mr. Kennedy, is advertised for an appearance of some sort.

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