Credit: Ryan Gray & The Wrestling News World

SmackDown: (Airing Friday)
* The Undertaker comes out for the opening pyro. The crowd is ecstatic. He says he'll beat CM Punk Sunday at Breaking Point. Punk comes out and says Undertaker is "Alice In Wonderland." He goes on to say that Undertaker is a liar and he'll make him tap. CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy is announced for later tonight.

* Finlay b. Mike Knox in a Belfast Brawl
- Several weapons such as trash cans were used. Finlay got the win after hitting Knox with his shillelagh.

* In a backstage segment, Dolph Ziggler is looking for Maria when Michelle McCool hits on him and groaps him. Layla El was hiding and taking pictures of this as it was going on.

* DH Smith vs. Kane
- The match doesn't even get started as Kane jumps Khali as soon as he gets in the ring. Khali fights him off.

* Chris Jericho & Big Show are shown backstage. They're up next.

* Chris Jericho & Big Show b. Cryme Tyme
- Jericho got the win by pinning JTG for the three-count.

* Backstage, Vince McMahon tells Teddy Long he's on probation but Long tells him that next week he has a surprise that will "change the face of Smackdown" and will have "something excellent" at the PPV Sunday.

* John Morrison b. Charlie Haas
- Morrison got the win with his Starship Pain finisher. After the match Morrison thanks Rey Mysterio for the footage of him winning last week. He says anytime he wants a re-match, he'll get one. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says he wants a title match. Morrison tells him they can do it right now. Ziggler declines and Morrison calls him "Mr. Ziggles." The crowd chants "Mr. Ziggles." Dolph exits ringside.

* Matt Hardy is backstage with Josh Mathews. He says he'll make CM Punk submit tonight and then Undertaker will beat him on Sunday.

* Layla w/Michelle McCool b. Melina

* Josh Mathews is backstage with R-Truth. Truth says he wants an actual match with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre jumps Truth and leaves him laying.

* Jim Ross & Todd Grisham are in the ring hyping Sunday's Breaking Point pay-per-view.

* CM Punk b. Matt Hardy in the main event by getting Hardy to submit. This ends this week's SmackDown.

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