-- Today is SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long's birthday. He turns 62 years old.

-- In an interview with SLAM! Wrestling, R-Truth reveals why he returned to World Wrestling Entertainment. "It was time for me to come back home. I was ready to excel, I felt that I had grown up, matured and am a grown man now, I was the truth. I was ready to take my craft to a higher level. I weighed my options over there, I was accepted back home and I am here to stomp with the big dogs and I am loving it, I am like a kid in a candy shop," R-Truth told SLAM!. "It is different coming back. When I was K-Kwik I was a younger guy, and had no idea of the things I had to do until now in part of knowing the business and being part of it. That includes ring work, locker room work, being on the road, in the public's eye, just knowing the business. I have learned a lot and love the opportunities being back at WWE. I am looking at things in a whole different perspective in being a grown man now."

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