Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As seen on RAW this past Monday, Lilian Garcia made a noticeable error by announcing a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contendership to the WWE Divas Championship. However, there were only two Divas in the match — Alicia Fox and Gail Kim. In an update, two explanations have been given from people inside WWE regarding the matter.

The first is that the match was originally written down as a three-way bout earlier that day, but plans were changed at the last minute and she was simply never told. The other is that it was indeed planned as a singles match but was deliberately told it was a three-way match so that she'd look stupid (considering she is on her way out of the company). Unlike a few of her noticeable miscues in recent months, we can confirm that she was fed the bad line on purpose as she did not make it up out of the blue.

As many wrestling fans know, World Wrestling Entertainment has a history of embarrassing talent who decided to leave the company on their own accord during their final few days. Furthermore, if the latter scenario is true, this would not be the first time in which Garcia was the butt of a joke for the guys to laugh at backstage. Her final show with WWE is expected to take place next Monday night in Little Rock and the rumored plan of her hosting RAW on her final night appears to be off the cards considering WWE already has a guest booked in Cedric the Entertainment. Hence, it should be really interesting to see how WWE handles her departure from television as more often than not, it's not a graceful one (as Vickie Guerrero, Amy "Lita" Dumas and several others can attest to).

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