Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

For the first time since the infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in 1997, Bret Hart is said to be open to returning to World Wrestling Entertainment as a weekly storyline character.

Hart has had business talks with WWE in recent months, which played a part in the company rehashing "Montreal" at last week's Breaking Point pay-per-view in case he agrees to return.

While nothing yet has been agreed upon, nor should one expect anything to happen anytime soon, he is no longer against returning to WWE. In the past he has said he didn't see himself ever coming back as a character on television because he could no longer wrestle and didn't want to become some authority figure or manager.

WWE has had talks over the years regarding Hart returning to the company as a character. In fact, Vince McMahon told the creative team in 2006 that he was going to do a street fight with Hart on a pay-per-view. Of course, it never came to be and Hart at the time was saying that he was never going to wrestle again. Apparently, Hart was tentatively penciled in to team up with Shawn Michaels vs. Vince and Shane McMahon at Backlash instead of "God."

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