Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

» It is being said backstage in TNA that lead writer Vince Russo is "on a mission" to make their top talent such as AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, and Hernandez into bigger stars. Dixie Carter is also said to be a huge fan of those three wrestlers. TNA views Matt Morgan as one of their homegrown talents despite WWE being the company who discovered him. With Russo having complete creative control, he wants to send a message to younger talent that they are looking to develop new stars. The general feeling backstage is that Russo is more trustworthy than Jeff Jarrett, whom had a reputation for supporting his circle of friends only.

» Kip James is now working as road agent for TNA. With that being said, his days as a television character are not quite over yet as the company has been using him much more frequently in recent weeks under a "handyman" gimmick.

» In regards to former WWE star Kevin Fertig (Kevin Thorn) having a tryout with TNA at the last set of iMPACT! TV tapings in Orlando, FL in a dark match with Kip James, while most felt he has a good look, it ends there and they were not that impressed with his in-ring work during the tryout match. Fertig has had various looks with TNA in the past few years and was backstage at events as far back as 2005 before making a return to WWE TV as Kevin Thorn. He was cut by WWE this past January.

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