In an article with The Trentorian Newspaper, Tommy Dreamer says he has a time & date for his retirement, but says he is not there yet. He says he wants to retire in the Northeast where he got his start in the wrestling business. "I want to wrestle my last match in the New York-Philly area and walk off into the sunset," Dreamer says. "But not just yet."

Dreamer also discusses recent injuries & sicknesses, including food poisoning and bursting the sac in his elbow. Dreamer also touched on the addictive (and down right dangerous) adrenaline rush of performing live before a wrestling crowd. He said that rush alone helps wrestlers push through the daily pain they feel.

"One night recently before a match, I had a bad case of food poisoning. I could barely stand up and I was throwing up, but when I went through that curtain I didn't feel it anymore," Dreamer said. "It is amazing what you can put your body through when you get that rush and adrenaline from the fans."

Dreamer finished the interview by saying "I wish I could be Tommy Dreamer 24-7, because when I'm out there, I'm unstoppable and I don't feel any pain, but when I got done with the match, I remembered the food poisoning."

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