They just aired a taped Rock promo at the SD! taping. The did like 5 or 6 takes. He makes a random comment asking who Dolph Ziggler is. He then goes on to do the "Finally the Rock has come back to Smackdown" and talks about being there since the beginning. The crowd chants his name, etc. He talks about CM Punk, says he should be called BM Punk (bowel movement). He talks about making history with Taker, tells a camera guy to shave his chest, talks about Hell in the Cell and says maybe its time he guest hosts Raw. The crowd went nuts for that.

Also on the show are backstage skits featuring a party in celebration of ten years of SmackDown!. The Iron Sheik and Vickie Guerrero w/ new short hair are featured. Vickie said she had a new boyfriend who turned out to be Eric Escobar from developmental. He worked a dark match last night prior to RAW in Albany, NY.

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