The rating for yesterday's edition of ECW on SyFy scored a 1.0 cable rating, rounded up from a 0.97. The rating is down from last week's 1.19 rating.

Matt Hardy made some "cryptic" remarks on his Twitter last night, take them for what they are…"I am exhausted from being punished because of someone else's sins. Good night one, good night all! Until then.." He then tweeted: "Almost home.. The media is so not on the pulse of anything, it's just another avenue of entertainment looking for bigger numbers from viewers."

Joey Styles is replacing Bill Watts on the WWE Legends roundtable discussions today. Jim Ross made the following comments in his latest blog entry: "Cowboy Bill Watts had to cancel Wednesday night's Legend's Roundtable taping due to travel issues. Joey Styles will be called out of the bullpen to host and I will move over to being member of the panel along with JJ Dillon, Jimmy Garvin, and Michael Hayes. We're still discussing wrestling managers and the culture of Southern Wrestling ." We just posted more highlights from his blog right below this post.

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