Linda McMahon-Senate Update, BFG Note, Sabu/Sandman Returning

Linda McMahon-Senate Update, BFG Note, Sabu/Sandman Returning
The TNA Bound For Glory PPV saw a $10 price increase last year as well.

Both Sabu and the Sandman will be appearing for NWS this Saturday night in Manville, NJ. The show will take place at the Manville VFW Hall, for more information, you can go to

The New York Times has an article up on Linda McMahon running for US Senate, which can be read at The article mentions that Linda has spent $1 million thus far, and has a reserve of $30 million set aside for her campaign. The story also mentions that some members are leery of her coming into the election, as they feel they could lose the chance to beat incumbent Democrat Christopher Dodd if she wins the chance to run against him. State Representative Sean Williams of Watertown, a Republican who is backing another candidate, had the following to say: "I'm not a prude. There are going to be people who will make a clear case against her that she has built her business by objectifying women and promoting violence. That will significantly weaken her ability to win against Dodd."

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

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