Credit: Adam Parker

- As noted last night, tickets for WrestleMania go on sale on November 7th at 10 a.m. ET.

- The WWE crew were seriously watching the Monday Night Football game on a big monitor that they had setup where they have all of the camera shots for the show.

- During the commercial after the Santino Marella segment, they did a sign of the night segment. There were mostly DX and Cena signs. A few others that I saw were "Age of O", "I told my mom I was at the mall" and "My boyfriend is the real Big Show". After seeing some signs get confiscated, it's interesting to note that they don't throw them away. They keep them by ring announcer Justin Roberts, who sits in the square area beside the announcers

- Unlike during the promo package before the show, John Cena got a huge face reaction. It was deafening.

- Randy Orton came out looking especially glossy last night and after he rolled around the ring, they changed the mat.

- After the divas match, the women slapped hands on their way out, to Kelly Kelly's music. Maria M. stayed behind and slapped hands with pretty much everyone. Her teammates waited on the ramp for her. As she ran up the ramp, she did a cartwheel and posed for the crowd.

- After the main event, people started pouring out of the building. After the show, Cena's music played as legacy stood shoulder- to-shoulder on the stage as they stared at Cena in the ring. Legacy left and Cena stood in the ring smiling. He then played to the crowd to end the night.

- The biggest pops went to Cena, DX, then The Undertaker during the WrestleMania promo.

- Randy Orton and Legacy had most heat.

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