Batista DVD, Punk, Triple H, Cena, 'Taker, Albano, & More

Batista DVD, Punk, Triple H, Cena, 'Taker, Albano, & More
The Batista, I Walk Alone DVD set gets released tomorrow.

WWE has released a series of young reader books featuring CM Punk, John Cena, HHH and The Undertaker.

The October 26th issue of TIME magazine has a nice obituary for Lou Albano in the Milestones section. The piece mentions that Albano has a personality that helped lead the sport to cultural prominence.

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the most recent induction ceremonies at the Professional Wrestling Museum and Institute in Waterloo, Iowa. You can check out that article at

Gary Hart's autobiography has had a second printing, and can be purchased at

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