Bragging Rights News & Notes For Tonight, Hardy's Cryptic Messages

Bragging Rights News & Notes For Tonight, Hardy's Cryptic Messages
-- Matt Hardy posted two 'cryptic' messages on his Twitter account Friday morning regarding his brother Jeff. "A year or so from now, Jeff will be a bigger star and celebrity than he's ever been-we locked him into a major project this week. Nothing is gonna happen to Jeff, he's a victim of a corrupt scam-the truth is coming out, and will come out in it's entirety in the future." Both messages have since been deleted.

-- The term "WWE Bragging Rights" is on today's "Popular Searches" chart on the front page of We'll have FREE live coverage of the event tonight starting at 7:30EST. Join us!!

-- Jim Ross has posted a message thanking the WWE Universe for their thoughts and prayers during his most recent Bells palsy attack.

-- "The smart, sexy and powerful" Bella Twins will be taking part in tonight's WWE Bragging Rights Live Chat tonight on the WWE Universe website. The live chat begins at 6:30 p.m., with special guests all night long. You can visit the live chat hub at

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