WWE Increasing The Price Of Their PPV Events - Details

According to a memo sent out to people in the cable industry, WWE is planning to raise the price of their non-WrestleMania PPVs. The increase will be a $5.00 increase to $44.95. Also in the memo is the confirmation that the will be dropping one of the June PPVs, and scaling back to 13 PPVs a year.

The PPV price increase will begin with the 2010 Royal Rumble.

Here is the WWE PPV schedule for 2010:

* 1.31.10: Royal Rumble
* 2.21.10: Elimination Chamber
* 3.28.10: WrestleMania XXVI
* 4.25.10: Backlash
* 5.23.10: Extreme Rules
* 6.20.10: WWE The Bash
* 7.18.10: TBD
* 8.15.10: Summerslam
* 9.19.10: Night of Champions
* 10.03.10: Hell In A Cell
* 10.24.10: WWE Bragging Rights
* 11.21.10: Survivor Series
* 12.19.10: WWE TLCL Tables Ladders And Chairs

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