Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On The PPV Business: PPV business....it is and always has been attraction driven. It also is affected by the disposable income folks have for an expendable entity. For example, we don't HAVE to watch every PPV on TV but we HAVE to have housing and food. PPV's coming at us fans with such frequency is challenging to process, prioritize and to afford. However, with the PPV business being such a vital part of any wrestling organization's bottom line, I would be surprised to see the number of PPV's decrease. So, it will come back to providing the consumer with what they are willing to and can purchase which will always be attraction driven fueled by button pushing creative which is no exact science.

On Jeff Hardy's Legal Issues: I see the continuance of the Jeff Hardy legal issue as positive news for Jeff. I'm not an attorney nor do I play one on TV but one can make an argument that if the authorities thought that they had an overwhelmingly strong case that they would not be interested in postponing the proceedings. I strongly feel that Jeff Hardy is NOT a drug trafficker whatsoever and that he will be vindicated. I am also not unbiased in this matter as I am a Jeff Hardy fan and have been since signing Matt and Jeff to their first WWE contracts.

On Edge's Recovery: I think Edge being 100% by Wrestlemania 26 is going to be a photo finish and I hope that I am wrong on that assumption. Edge had taken his game to another level prior to his injury and he will no doubt return to the ring fresher and ready to turn more heads if he makes sure that he is totally healthy. Torn Achilles obviously cannot be taken lightly. Edge would arguably need to be close to ready by January to really be able to capitalize on the promotional, TV build up for Phoenix or at least that's one school of thought.

On Jack Swagger: Interesting to read where Jack Swagger wrestled John Cena this week in Dublin. Swagger vs. Cena is new and fresh and it also is a good for the young Okie to hunt with the big dogs. I applaud the pairing of these two former college athletes.

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