-- A "Mask vs. Career Match" between The Hurricane and Paul Burchill will be taking place on next week's episode of ECW on Syfy. The match will either see The Hurricane unmask or Paul Burchill and his sister Katie Lea leave the Land of Extreme.

-- The WWE website has posted new studio photos of Mickie James.

-- USA Today had the following mention of Linda McMahon's Senate campaign: Republican Linda McMahon of Connecticut, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, loaned her Senate campaign $3 million and donated $496,000. Spokesman Ed Patru said the cash is "particularly potent ... when so many voters believe money is being used to buy special favors."

-- Rey Mysterio's explosive new autobiography, Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask, is officially released today. Rey reveals in an interview with WWE.com that getting the book written was a challenge in itself. "When WWE came to me and said they wanted me to write the book, I said, 'Oh no, I'm not ready for that,'" explained Mysterio, shaking his head in disbelief. "It was more of a shock to me - I wasn't expecting it. I always planned to write something closer to the end of my career. But they kept persisting. "Once I began working on it, it immediately became very interesting for me," he recalled. "Everything just started flowing. It was really cool to reminisce, looking back at stories from day one all the way to the present, even stories from the age of 8 years old."

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