Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at JrsBarBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On His Health: Waiting on some blood work results today or tomorrow. I feel in my heart that they will be good results. Facial nerves, nonetheless, regenerate at their own pace and so here I sit. I'm better though and will not miss a beat when I sit back in an announcer's chair when and on whatever program that may be.

On Randy Savage: Happy Birthday to Randy Savage who is 57 today, same age as Ol J.R., and here's wishing him many more. Yes, I still do not accept Savage for WWE HOF emails as they are always from the same people saying the same thing but I personally absolutely feel Randy should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

On Jesse Ventura: Jesse Ventura returns to Raw next Monday for the three hour broadcast which provides the former Governor of Minnesota and WWE Hall of Famer plenty of opportunities to plus his new TV show coming to cable soon. Jesse discussing historic conspiracy theories seem to be a nice fit. I wish him well on his new venture. I do know that Ventura and McMahon were a better broadcast team than JR and Ventura. Back in the XFL days Ventura's security staff from Minnesota strongly suggested that I call The Body "Governor Ventura" in our production meetings. That never happened. I always considered Jesse and me to be associates and former wrestling, broadcast partners plus I never lived in Minnesota.

On WWE Raw On USA Network: Nice to see WWE extend their relationship with USA through 2014. In my opinion, they both need each other equally as Monday night is still "wrestling night." Plus USA is in a battle with ESPN's high collar sports programming. Hopefully WWE got HUGE money for the extension. I miss my Monday night's sitting at ringside and occasionally day dream what it would be like to return to Mondays in a three man team with Cole and King. I stress "day dream." I wonder if I could do that gig from home?

You can read the full blog at JrsBarBQ.com. JR's blogs are always worth reading.

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