Tito Ortiz lashed out last night at the UFC 106 post-fight press conference. Ortiz said: "I thought I won the fight. I thought I pulled it off two rounds to one. You know, that third round, I'm very thankful to Dr. William Smith here in Las Vegas for doing the surgery that he did, otherwise I would not have been able to step in against a guy who is ranked fifth in the world. I came in and thought I won the fight. [I didn't reveal my injuries prior because] You gotta sell the fight, right? I had disc C-7 or C-6 pressing on my spinal cord. I was in traction for awhile. Beyond that I came in and put up a fight. I put my heart and soul inside that cage every time I fight. I thought I won the fight. I thought I won. I thought I won.... I thought I won the first round and I thought I won the second round. You see the damage on his face? I got him good. In the third round I was gassed, but after taking 18 months off, I want to see another fighter come in here [and undergoing back surgery] and do what I just did. I gave my heart and soul, man. I entertained the fans. And for me not getting "Fight of the Night," I'm taken back by it, but it is what it is. I thought I won. The judge called it 30-27, I mean what the f***, are you blind or something? But hey, it is what it is, I'll be back. I feel good. I'm sorry I let my fans down. I thought I won.... I'm pissed."

Anthony Johnson also talked to the media following his UFC 106 loss to Josh Koscheck: "I didn't hit him in the head, I hit him in the arm. I don't know why he would act like [that], I guess he was gassing. That's the only thing I can think of, [him] trying to find some kind of excuse to complain. I know I didn't hit him in the head. I thought I timed it perfect but I didn't and that's my fault. After him poking me in the eye it made a big difference. Then he did it twice and got both eyes the second time because when he swings, he jabs with his open hand and the right didn't even hit me, it was just the open palm strike and my eyes, my eyes are burning like hell right now. After I hurt him, he needed that, he needed some kind of excuse to recover, but it's all good."

The following are the fight night bonuses from UFC 106 last night courtesy of MMAScoops.com. Each fighter took hope an additional $70,000 to go on top of their sponsor money and fight purses:

-- Fight of the Night - Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson
-- Knockout of the Night - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
-- Submission of the Night - Josh Kosckeck

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