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According to a source, WWE executive Shane McMahon is looking to buy a financial interest in the UFC. As noted earlier, Shane McMahon will officially leave his WWE position as VP of Global Media on January 1st, 2010.

Shane recently cashed out $50 of his $80 million dollars in WWE stock, which would be the money he would use to get a piece of the UFC. UFC President Dana White has always said that he'd be willing to let somebody buy into a minority stake of his now billion dollar empire, and McMahon makes sense.

White wants someone who's willing to sit on the sidelines, which is something Shane has done for years in the WWE, but that doesn't mean the UFC wouldn't be able to use the prodigal son. McMahon is known as the WWE's mastermind behind securing large international business deals and that's something that the UFC has been trying to do over the course of the last two years. Everything that the UFC wants internationally, Shane McMahon has already accomplished.

During the UFC Fight Club last week in Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White again declined to discuss in detail the meeting he recently had with McMahon, simply noting that he was a good friend and "you never know."

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