-- The latest issue of WWE Magazine features "Tomorrow's Superstars" on the cover, including John Morrison, Legacy, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. WWE seems to be reacting to the general consensus that the top of the card is getting stale and there's a need for young talent to be elevated to the next level.

-- Two new Lucha Libre-themed restaurants located in New York City have been reviewed by New York Magazine - Cascabel and La Lucha. Both establishments are being praised for their reviews. They focus on a mix of authentic Mexican food and a "near-obsessive" collection of Mexican wrestling memorabilia. Cascabel is described as having, "floor-to-ceiling lucha-libre posters, luchador toys and figurines galore, and affiliated knickknacks of every sort. Vintage lucha-libre films are projected against a wall. Even the friendly waitress pops up at your table from time to time wearing a luchador mask. The whole trippy affair brings to mind a goofy teenage fan's bedroom, crossed with the type of apartment TV cops burst into only to discover a photo montage of the serial killer's latest victim." To read a detailed review of both restaurants, visit New York Magazine's Undergroud Gourmet Review at NYMag.com.

-- Former WWE Diva Amy "Lita" Dumas played a gig in Badalona, Spain with her band The Luchagors over the weekend.

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