The Hollywood Reporter has an article up on Brothers Keeper, a WWE Films project, starring John Cena. The cast will include Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, Madeleine Martin and Danny Glover. has a big article up, including quotes from former WWE wrestlers, regarding Linda McMahon's Senate campaign. The article focuses largely on the fact that WWE doesn't offer insurance to their wrestlers, but does mention that they know this when they sign the contract. Here are some of the quotes from the wrestlers in the article:

* Joanie "Chyna" Laurer: "If there is a race to Capitol Hill, I hope she gets knocked off before she even starts."

* Larry Zbyszko: "If the people in Connecticut are stupid enough to elect Linda, that's their problem."

* Dawn Marie Psaltis: "I think she'd be awesome. Even through the worst of relationships, I've had to respect them. They are great business people who work with all types of people."

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