Credit: Ben Bodhi of PWInsider

Dark Match:
*Goldust defeated Kaval, who cut a promo before the match.

WWE SmackDown!:

*Smackdown starts with Batista cutting an in-ring promo. He says that he didn't ask for a match with Rey Mysterio tonight. He said that since he's focused on winning the World championship, fans are booing him. He says he doesn't care because it's not about the fans, it's about the title. Batista says he doesn't need Rey or the fans. Come Sunday, he's going to beat the Undertaker and win the World title.

*CM Punk and Gallows defeated Matt Hardy and R-Truth. Punk cut a promo before the match talking about drugs. He shows the Jeff Hardy DVD and says the Jeff Hardy DVD will give you hallucinations. He says parents are pathetic for buying it for their children. Hardy came out with a bag of the DVD to give out.

*Kane is shown walking in the back. He comes across Mike Knox who says they are alike, both monsters. He says he wants to fight Kane again. Kane says Knox isn't in a monster, but he will get his wish.

*In a backstage segment, Vickie Guerrero tells Eric Escobar he'll be facing Chris Jericho tonight.

*Jericho vs. Escobar. Vickie comes out and announces it's actually a handicap match with Big Show. WWE Unified Tag Team champions Chris Jericho & Big Show defeated Escobar. They cut a promo on DX for the PPV.

*Drew McIntyre comes out and cuts a promo, promising John Morrison won't be WWE Intercontinental champion for long. John Morrison comes out dressed in full Scottish regalia, i.e. Mel Gibson in Braveheart. He was carrying a sword and may have even accidentally nicked himself above the eye with it. Morrison promises he won't lose the title. They get into a little skirmish. In the end, McIntyre powders out of the ring and exits through the crowd.

*Kane defeated Mike Knox.

*Mickie James and Maria defeated Michelle McCool and Layla El.

*Batista defeated Rey Mysterio in a Street Fight. After the bout, Batista put a chair around Mysterio's neck and climbed to the ropes. Before he could jump off, the lights went out and when they returned, The Undertaker was in the ring and Mysterio was gone. Taker unloads on Batista. He grabs a chair but Batista escapes. End of show.

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