Eric Bischoff posted another message on his Twitter yesterday, regarding the TNA vs. WWE "war": "Expecting WWE to come out with guns blazing on Jan 4. Love making them "sell". Thats when you know you're doing it right!"

TNA will be releasing a Best of 2009 DVD early next year.

Hulk Hogan will be on TSN's Off the Record on Thursday night.

Hulk Hogan is set to appear on 'The Hour' later today. We have an EXCLUSIVE deal for you right now as you can get FREE tickets by emailing [email protected] The audience arrival: 3:15PM at the CBC studios in downtown Toronto - major intersection is Front St. West and John Street. The guests include Hulk Hogan, Mark Messier, Christine Wilson, Keith Desserich. Send your name, phone number, email, number of tickets wanted and age (18+ only) to [email protected]

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