Last night's edition of ECW on SyFy scored a 0.8 cable rating. Ouch.

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at, here are the highlights…

On Mark Cuban: The "legit" media (which is such a oxymoron) blasting Mark Cuban on the omnipresent ESPN should not have shocked any one. Wrestling will never escape from how many wrestlers have died prematurely no matter the circumstances or causes not to mention pro wrestlings stigma from the elitists. ESPN doesn't have a dog in the wrestling hunt so they can easily be tools and blast the genre but they won't go nearly as hard on the NFL which has had drug and concussion issues for years because ESPN makes too much money from the National Football League.

On Concussions: Concussions are a big issue in sports today and let's not forget that pro wrestling/sports entertainment or whatever in the hell one wants to call it doesn't have the franchise on this dilemma. However, chair shots to the skull should be forbidden in wrestling. Period. End of story. Bottom line.

On TNA vs. WWE: If your questions about what's going to happen on January 4 when WWE and TNA will both be on the air simultaneously aren't addressed specifically don't be offended. I think I've addressed this matter as best that I know how. I don't have the slightest idea of what either brand will produce the night after my birthday. I also don't think that it will be much of a horse race ratings wise but the simple function of going head to head provides the opportunity for the smaller organization to become more relevant and nip at the big dog.

On His Health: Saw a Rheumatologist for the first time Tuesday and it was a unique experience. They are trying to tie a positive test for some sort of antibody issue virally back to my Bells palsy problem. Test results will be back in about 10 days which always provides some anxious times. I swear I'm feeling so much better but these damn tests just keep my anxiety level higher than needed. Anyway the unique part of my appointment was that my doctor was a Russian female who LOVES MMA and of course she was well aware of Fedor but was a bigger fan of GSP. Our visit would have made a nice episode on a reality show as she sounded like Ariana Huffington or Ivana Trump and of course I sounded like, well, a redneck from Oklahoma who has a southern drawl ala Andy of Mayberry. We needed an interpreter but she wrote down all the important stuff from our consultation.

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