According to an article today by The Greenwich Times, the death of Eki "Eddie" Fatu is beign used against Linda McMahon in her Senatorial bid for the State of Connecticut. Opponents of McMahon claims that there is no proof that McMahon did everything in her power to prevent deaths in wrestling. Former wrestler Marc Mero, author Irv Muchnick and WWE's attorney Jerry McDevitt all commented, here are the highlights…

* Irv Muchnick On Linda McMahon's Responsibility: "I think she bears responsibility in the sense in that coal mine owners were responsible for the hazards coal miners faced in getting black lung and other illnesses."

* Mark Mero On Linda Running For Senate: "I've wrestled against 28 people who are dead. You often question, if you don't care about your own, who are making millions and millions of dollars, what do you care about the people of Connecticut?"

* Jerry McDevitt On WWE Providing Free Passes Instead Of Suspensions To Wrestlers That Failed When The Wellness Policy Started: "When you are going to embark on a drug testing program, there's sort of a fair notice concept."

Also, the Fatu family and Dwayne Johnson were contacted for comments, and did not respond.

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