Hulk Hogan on CBC The Hour with George Strombolopolous
December 9, 2009
by: Marty Hotts

There was a video package documenting Hulk Hogan's career. The package ended noting Hogan's return to wrestling citing TNA.

Hogan said many go up to him and ask if he'll fire Russo or if he'll bring all his friends into the company regarding TNA. Hogan said it is nothing like that but said that he does not want writers to dictate how everything should go, including exactly what wrestlers should say. He said wrestling is not like that and that if you want writers, you go "up north" (referring to WWE).

Hogan talked about his near-suicide and that it was Laila Ali who called him repeatedly telling him that his friends miss him and that they loved him which made him snap out of it. A lot of the time was talking about his book.

The host asked Hogan if Vince McMahon is pissed. Hogan said he thinks so because they made the TNA signing at Madison Square Garden and that they will be going head to head with WWE. He said just 8 weeks ago he and McMahon were talking about a potential return where Hogan would host Raw and shoot an angle for his return.

Regarding TNA, he said this would be a momentum shift in wrestling, would give fans an alternative, and it'd also give workers somewhere else to go.

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