Hulk Hogan's son Nick appeared in court yesterday regarding a lawsuit related to his 2007 2007 car crash that left friend John Graziano permanently brain damaged.

While giving a deposition, Hogan was probed by lawyers for the plaintiffs about dysfunction and "issues" in the Graziano family. According to RadarOnline, Nick had told the lawyers that there was violence in the Graziano family and the Hogans talked about having John Graziano move in with them.

When a lawyer asked about what type of issues John was dealing with, Nick said that John hated certain types of people. Upon further questioning from the lawyer, Nick clarified who John Graziano hated. "Homos," Nick said. "He wanted to kill homos."

The room grew silent and one lawyer put his head in his hands.

John Graziano's father Edward sued the Hogans after the 2007 car crash. Edward was later arrested on charges of trying to kill his wife and recently had his home foreclosed on, according to the Radar report.

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