Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We've got some new details regarding a storyline that's already underway involving Hulk Hogan's involvement with TNA Wrestling.

The original plan was for Hulk Hogan to lead the younger, homegrown stars of TNA against the "old guard" of established WWE & WCW castoffs, led by TNA president Dixie Carter. Hulk Hogan's recent comments that he'll be "in charge" of TNA are said to be part of the storyline (Hogan will have a great deal of power in TNA, but his comments are the start of this angle).

Dixie Carter was going to be a big player in the "Hulk Hogan joins TNA" angle, but there was a recent decision to cut back on Dixie's role and have Mick Foley be the leader of TNA's "old guard" movement. Dixie Carter will still be involved, but will not have the same role as originally planned.

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