The Miami Herald recently interviewed CM Punk, promoting the December 19th Tribute to the Troops show. Here are the highlights…

On The Tribute to the Troops Show: "When any TV show we do goes into production, they're always looking for moments. You hear the term WrestleMania moment. They're always looking for sound bites or clips they can put together in a video package that makes what we do really stand out, and without words convey why you should come to a WWE show, why it's exciting, why it's pop culture. When we go to Iraq or Afghanistan, there are so many sound bites and so many three second video clips of pure raw emotion. It's hard to leave stuff on the cutting room floor. One of my favorite moments every year is seeing the video package they put together. We have 12-15 talents going over there along with cameramen, sound guys, production crew. Vince [McMahon] goes over. We're a family when we're on the road going over there, and putting smiles on the troops faces is one of the greatest things that we do every year as a WWE family."

On The Risks Of Going To Iraq: "Probably a question better asked of somebody with a wife and kids. I seem to think I'm indestructible for some reason. So I never really think of the danger of anything -- whether it's being in the ring or driving a car. I just seem to do what I feel is the right thing to do. Going over there, there's a lot of kids you meet, guys 10 years younger than I am. They sometimes have a wife and kids or something like that, and they're sacrificing. So the least I can do is go over there for three days.''

On Working With Luke Gallows: "Luke Gallows means money to me. It's the beginning of something. Who knows where it's going to be in six months. It's a different direction. I get to play a little bit more of a role of a teacher which is something I think I'm good at -- if somebody actually wants to listen. It's fun. I get to wear a lot of different hats now. It's interesting."

On His Success In WWE: "I've always just done my best and work really, really hard. Sometimes it pays off. Well, actually, it always pays off, but sometimes the pay off is immediate, and sometimes, even though you tried your best, you worked your a** off at something, it doesn't come your way. I get back on the horse and ride."

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