The WWE Corporate Website has posted the following update to the Wellness Policy:

How often is a WWE Talent tested after testing positive and receiving a strike?
After a WWE Talent tests positive and receives a strike, that WWE Talent is tested an average of 16 times for a period of one year.

Does a WWE Talent who leaves WWE with a strike or strikes retain those infractions if they return to WWE?
Any WWE talent who leaves the WWE for any reason with a first or second violation on his/her record will maintain those strikes if he/she returns to the WWE.

Is a WWE Talent who is terminated for a third strike able to return to the WWE?
A WWE Talent who is terminated by the WWE for a third violation will be prohibited from returning to the WWE for at least one year. Before a possible return, the WWE Talent must test negative for all prohibited substances under the Policy during a pre-contract screening. If they pass the pre-contract screening and are approved to return, the WWE Talent must undergo mandatory unannounced testing for at least one year after the execution of the new contract. The WWE Talent will return with two strikes on his/her record.

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