I am looking forward to meeting all of you in New York City today. If you've emailed me about meeting up later then you know the deal. Contact me around 5:30EST after my train arrives. Also, next time we're going to reserve a place to sit down for dinner/drinks. I really never expected so many emails about meeting up. There is also a major snowstorm headed up the east coast which spells trouble obviously. It's set to start later this afternoon and end tomorrow with 1-2 feet of snow expected here in New York. My train is expected to arrive back here in Albany at 3:00AM but who knows with the s--tty weather. I'm hoping there won't be any delays otherwise this could turn into an all-nighter with us being stuck in Manhattan with no place to go. Lets hope not!!

Don't forget that the ROH Final Battle show from NYC airs LIVE tonight on GoFightLive.tv. I would highly recommend ordering it. If you're a fan of the old ECW with high flying action and hardcore stuff with a very rowdy crowd then this show is for you. Trust me when I tell you I wouldn't risk taking a three hour train ride during a blizzard if the show wasn't worth it. ROH always delivers wild shows when they are in New York City and I expect no different tonight.

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