-- Multichannel News has an article up with SPIKE TV President Kevin Kay, discussing TNA running on Monday nights. Here are some highlights…

On January 4th: "I think it will be huge — Hulk Hogan is the most iconic wrestling superstar in the world," Kay said. "Going head to head with the WWE is a great way to start off the year."

On TNA Moving To Monday's: "If it's successful, I'm not opposed to moving it to Monday nights. This is the time for this … TNA has a lot of momentum with Hulk Hogan and we have the ability to market and promote it."

-- Jeremy Borash was on The Fight Show on 12/18 and again said that the rating for TNA's 1/4 Monday night special is irrelevant, and the fact that they are doing it is a victory by itself because they aren't staying on Monday nights anyway. He added that all the publicity and attention TNA has gotten for the 1/4 show already is what makes it worth it. The interview can be downloaded at hardcoresportsradio.com

-- In a sign of how WWE now views TNA, we mentioned earlier that they removed Hulk Hogan from the "through the years" video that aired during the Tribute to the Troops. The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase replaced Hogan in the video. Mankind was also replaced in the video with Jeff Hardy. Hogan and Mankind were both regularly shown in the video up until now.

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