As seen this past Sunday night at TNA Final Resolution, Sheik Abdul Bashir, real name Shawn Daivari, took part in the "Feast or Fired" match and was able to grab one of the four briefcases. However, the briefcase he drew contained a pink slip, which led to him being immediately fired from the company.

For those wondering of the legitimacy of his departure from the organization, his departure is in fact legitimate as we noted late Sunday night. He said his goodbyes to fellow colleagues prior to the event.

In the latest battle of "He Said, She Said," the story of Shawn Daivari (a.k.a. Sheik Abdul Bashir) requesting his release from TNA Wrestling is false. His release from the organization was not unexpected as the company made the decision to let him go. Reportedly, he's had a ton of heat on him for months, not to mention he didn't get along at all with the company's Director of Talent Relations, Terry Taylor. He's also been known to have a massive ego among his peers.

Daivari had been with the company since last year and signed a contract renewal over the summer, but had not been used in a meaningful way in quite some time.

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