- While TNA is still turning people away from the Impact Zone for PPV events, they are having problems with attendance at TV tapings. They have been having to get people to move closer together and only film that direction because of attendance lately. They are trying to get more fans to come out for the January 4th live show and the feeling is attendance is more of a problem this time around because of the slow season at Universal Studios. Attendance at the theme park is down this time of year and people in the park who aren't wrestling fans usually make up a good part of the crowd.

There is hope that with Hogan and possibly Flair performing in the Impact Zone in 2010, attendance among park-goers who aren't wrestling fans will increase.

- Jeff Jarrett will be back on the road with TNA for live events beginning early 2010.

- People in TNA are still downplaying the importance of the January 4th rating. The hope is that the attention of going up against WWE and the publicity they've been getting will help the Thursday ratings at least. The company is expecting WWE to bring out Bret Hart on the 4th.

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