Drew McIntyre is scheduled to defend the WWE Intercontinental Title against John Morrison this Friday on SmackDown!.

The Ring of Honor on HDNet Twitter account confirmed the return of Brian Kendrick to the promotion this afternoon, "The Feb 13 ROH NYC show will see the return of Brian Kendrick."

SmackDown! will be preempted next week in Philadelphia due to a Philadelphia Mummers parade. It is scheduled to air Saturday at 8pm.

Former WWE Canada president Carl DeMarco recently commented on his WWE depature. Here are his comments: "I had been there 14-plus years. It was great. I made friends all around the world. But the last year and a half, I'd been getting the itch to do other things. And I was thinking, 'Do I want to wake up 10 years from now and wonder why I didn't try something else.' So I took a leap of faith."

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