Abyss' Christmas List Reveled, Sting Update, Hernandez, & More

Abyss' Christmas List Reveled, Sting Update, Hernandez, & More
-- The NWA Legends Fanfest has announced that Sting will be appearing at their event in Charlotte, NC in August, 2010. For more details, visit NWALegends.com.

-- Hernandez is featured in the latest edition of Hermie's Hotseat. You can view the video interview at TNAWrestling.com.

-- In the latest edition of the Monster Blog, Abyss puts together his Christmas List of gifts and needs from around the globe. Here are a few things he has listed:

* To ALL the geniuses on Wall Street, a brain transplant.
* For Susan Boyle, the instantly famed Idol singer from England, an exclusive "radio" contract ONLY.
* For President Obama, a handy note pad, so he can remember SOME of what he promised during his campaign.
* For Kurt Angle, Slick Johnson, Christopher Daniels, and Tomko, a year supply of rogaine.
* For JB, my dearest friend, stock in TWITTER, since he lives on it all day long!
* To Iran and other threats to this country, Kabooooooooooom!!!! Enough said.
* For Raven and Dr. Stevie, some rest after the beating that Mick and I put on them at Final Resolution.
* For Tiger Woods, a new 8 iron to replace the one that was "lost".

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