Jim Ross has posted his latest blog up at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some excerpts:

- On Tommy Dreamer: I received a wonderful text message from Tommy Dreamer on Christmas Day that confirmed that he was leaving WWE. Tommy did not mention what he was going to be doing but I would assume that Dreamer will be doing more wrestling. Tommy has been a great solider for the business and is a credit to his profession. He thanked me for my efforts on is behalf but he's the one who deserves the thanks.

- On Steve Austin: Got a call from Steve Austin last week who took one day to gather himself in LA after finishing filming his latest action adventure movie in Vancouver and then began a California to South Texas drive in a RV. Steve is going to enjoy his ranch in January as much as possible and then get right back on the horse, so to speak, in February with more projects in the film genre. When Steve called me he was driving the RV somewhere in Arizona heading east. We could have produced one helluva reality show on that trip I guarantee.

- On Signing Mystico: Saw where WWE reportedly signed Mystico, a talented Hispanic grappler, and here's hoping that he speaks fluent or at least understandable English because if he can't communicate with the English speaking fan base there is only so far any wrestler can elevate. Any wrestler, especially those where English isn't their first language, who is not working on their verbal skills on their own time is cheating themselves out of cash. Sometimes I wonder how much work some wrestlers actually do when they are "off" to enhance their careers other than their trips to the gym and the tanning salon. Perhaps a visit to a financial planner or a tax expert would be a good way to invest some time rather than shopping for more "bling."

- On Bret Hart's Return: Seems as if the Bret Hart hosting Monday Night Raw on January 4 is apparently a lock according to the DirecTV programming guide . I got a cool email from "Hitman" during the holidays but we never discussed his projected or potential Raw appearance. Yes, I actually have friends in the wrestling biz that aren't always incessant on talking about the beloved business. For the old timers, I try to avoid discussing the business at all costs because most of them only want to b---h about it and that type of conversation becomes too negative in a hurry for me. I understand their points of view but I choose not to invest much time into things that I can't control. I'll just let a selected few of the class valedictorians in the "wrestling internet world" handle those matters.

You can read the full blog at jrsbarbq.com

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