-- Tonight on ECW, brand alum Evan Bourne and former ECW Champion Matt Hardy return for the "ECW Homecoming," competing to determine who will face ECW Champion Christian for the title at the Royal Rumble on January 31, 2010.

-- As announced on RAW, D-Generation X will be defending their Unified WWE Tag Team Championship against Big Show and Chris Jericho on next week's show. Triple H said Jericho would never be allowed on RAW again should his team lose next week. Also announced for next Monday is a match between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston as they settle their volatile rivalry.

-- It's been widely reported that ECW original Tommy Dreamer will be leaving WWE after the new year. Jim Ross recently wrote in his blog that he had spoken to Dreamer about the departure and said Dreamer's days in the ring aren't over even if he's not wrestling for WWE. Dreamer has posted a message on his WWE Universe blog urging fans to tune into tonight's ECW on SyFy broadcast, which very well could be Dreamer's final ECW match ever. Dreamer wrote:

"I need to let everyone know that tomorrow night on ECW on SYFY at 10 o clock eastern, will be the last ECW episode of the decade. I am calling upon all the WWE Universe to start a massive internet campaign. If you have ever watched or watch ECW to tune in tomorrow night. Set your DVRs, tell a friend, send emails, do what you got to do to spread the word. Tommy Dreamer is headed to the IZOD Center in New Jersey. I am going to go to the building that I have seen so many wrestling events as a kid. I am bringing my wrestling boots, because I am going to work. I am going to make the last episode of ECW this decade, Extreme!"

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